Documenters:City Council

My latest Documenters assignment was my first Chicago City Council meeting. They had a resolution to honor Nikole-Hannah Jones and Richard Gibbs, as well as showcased the influence Alderpeople have on what actions the government takes. Check out the public comments, votes on settlements, and new ordinances by following Dave Glowacz live-tweeting or my notes.

Documenter Archive: First JAC Meeting

JAC Council Continues their fight for criminal justice reform This is an upload of last year's final Justice Advisory Council Meeting. This document is uploaded on City Bureau's Documenters App. Documenters is a civic engagement program that brings the skills of journalism to communities with free training and paid assignments. Link for original document in highlighted … Continue reading Documenter Archive: First JAC Meeting

Documenter Archive: Police Board Meeting

This is from the February 28th, for the Monthly Police Board Meeting. I attended with Jordan Bair and Jerry Wynn, my roommate and high school teammate, for my first assignment as a documenter with City Bureau. This is civic journalism or community reporting, so the intent is to bring this information out to the public. … Continue reading Documenter Archive: Police Board Meeting

The New Jobs: Kusanya, City Bureau, and Anime Midwest

My First Geek Convention! Come grab a cup! Ask for Cordell! Who watches the watchmen? The Educational Task Force for EQLP established a new partnership with Chicago HOPES for Kids, Latanya and the Youth, Primo Center For Women & Children, Teamwork Englewood, and the associated R.A.G.E. members. This partnership was a part of the "Englewood Reads" … Continue reading The New Jobs: Kusanya, City Bureau, and Anime Midwest