Melting Away

Snowballing down it goes,

the temperatures rise the further we rolled;

oh, how far we’ll go?

The image is licentious how hard we go,

oh, just where we go?

From those up above till those down below,

untangle our hairs for show,

be there just to go forth to the unknown.

But knowing you wasn’t the hardest thing to do

there is no controlling you, the toxicity I bring to you.

We continue rising over the horizon

we could slay the leviathan, for what we stood

like the bite of a python, we were full of surprises

No shaming the crisis, but love is what we shouldn’t.

Yet knowing you, wasn’t the hardest thing to do;

there was no controlling you, we stuck together like glue.

Just like snowfall goes,

temperatures rise, and its gone;

oh how far we have rolled

your image is a holy ghost!

The further away we grow,

from those up above to those down below,

I’ve mangled my hairs to and fro

arrive at the unknown there’s nowhere to go

But, knowing you wasn’t the hardest thing to do,

now I hope that you never forget what we could do.

Beautiful eyes, hide under those eyelids

poisonous iris, paired with the devil’s glare.

Radio silence, my cries to the skies;

No more snow, no more ice, she is no longer there.

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