Rust grows when not used and abused

lest I fuse up.

No time to go up until I refuse,

the refuge of solace is what I’m accused of

Yet you, the best I choose.

Amused by the time that I’m corroded,

Erosive implosions, yet I hold up

you were oil to my Earth.

Precious metals, minerals dug up,

lubricant for my folding

Little could I hold up under violent pressures,

unless I let go my stressors

I lift so I could blow up.

Missed out on a misses, now I’m a missing person,

smooth in the wind, as I glisten.

Yet you, your glow, bruh…

I must be tripping

Now the mission I’m on

is just so flippant

I was wrong

and now you’re dripping

and now I’m gone…

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