Thoughts on Kim: Update and Fact Check

Meeting Trina “Kim” Townsend

Kim was more than what I expected. If I saw her on the street she would be the last woman I would expect to have been a victim of anything, let alone rape. I wonder how I would have perceived her without going to the February 28th CPD Public Board Meeting? The pictures above showcases the smile that she carries till this day while going through the trauma of being a rape victim. Kim is fighting for the little girls who smile through it all.

Fact Check

During the transcription of the interview and the post on Englewood Portal, there were clarifications and corrections that Kim notified me of:

  1. When Kim’s son passed, I stated in the Englewood Portal that she was in her mother’s apartment. In the transcription, she never states she went to her mother’s apartment. Kim clarified it was her own apartment the officer found her hiding in the shower.
  2. In the Bad Cop section of the Englewood Portal article, I state that Kim was contacted by Officer Kevin Glover. She clarified in her Facebook Live stream on that it was through the Maze Jackson Show that Glover called in and contacted the studio claiming she was “Assassinating my name”.
  3. Kim also wanted to clarify that it was 1984 when she contacted authorities to report rape on multiple members of her community. It was this event that led to her contact with Glover.

These clarifications and updates show more to the story. Please check out Kim’s Livestream to hear more details and follow her fight for justice.

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