Cordell Longstreath is a writer, community organizer, and leader in Englewood with an interest in education, literacy, economic development, and human right’s issues. CTGV’s mission is to liaison networks and organizations into partnerships, participate as watchdogs for local news, as well as produce quality writing and research for Englewood. CTGV also  supports addressing Englewood’s literacy rates by promoting support systems and advocating for literacy development programs.  Our Vision is to be an effective advocate for education, civic engagement, and community activism through storytelling, writing, and teaching

Follow my social media pages on Instagram and Facebook to stay informed on my current happenings. Writing, collecting data, performing community outreach, research, and development are the main skills used to positively impact my community. When I’m not online or in the field you can catch me doing construction and landscaping all throughout Englewood, Chatham, Bronzeville, Hyde Park, Grand Crossing, Hyde Park, South Shore, etc.

Connect The Geek Village Has A Literacy Basics Classroom!

CTGV offers a classroom on reading, grammar, writing, and editing. The classroom is a Google Classroom that is a pilot program; this classroom will utilize Aesop Fable’s, a compilation of linguistic rules of convention, and self-expression. This program inspired by an inability to master grammar that forced me to create a literacy toolkit that acted as an editor for completing my thesis paper for undergrad. CTGV’s goal is to use the Literacy Basics Classroom as a resource for individuals seeking to improve their own literacy skills. CLICK THE LINK AND SIGN UP

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